Atlantic Wood Industries

Western Berm Extension & Containment Area 2

A-Zone Environmental Services, LLC (A-Zone) was contracted by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to assist on numerous remedial support projects associated with the Atlantic Wood Industries (AWI) Superfund site located in Portsmouth, Virginia. The site, which is one of the largest in the Eastern United States, is being remediated by the EPA with the assistance from the USACE. AWI was a former wood treatment facility who’s past operations have resulted in major impacts to soil, groundwater and Elizabeth River. Impacts have resulted mainly from releases of creosote and other chemicals associated with the wood treatment process. A-Zone’s was contracted to perform the following services:


  • Waste cell construction, management and maintenance. For more than two years, A-Zone has been constructing, managing, and maintaining a large waste cell. Construction activities have included building berms; haul roads, sediment erosion controls, wash racks, and retention ponds. Management activities include sorting and stockpiling debris and dredge material, disposing of wood, recycling of wood, concrete and metal, placing material, media sampling and surface water management. Maintenance involves maintaining the integrity and function of the waste cell features. The activities are performed using a variety of small and heavy equipment.
  • Debris management. For more than two years, A-Zone has been managing debris during remedial activities being conducted at the site. Debris management includes: sorting, stockpiling, characterizing for disposal, loading for disposal, and recycling. Metal debris is recycled off-site and other debris is placed within containment areas.
  • Waste cell dewatering and water treatment. A-Zone designed, installed, operated and maintained a dewatering system for more than six months. The system was designed to treat water impacted with petroleum and wood treatment chemicals, and minimize turbidity before discharge of the treated water to the Elizabeth River. Treatment included de-sedimentation, oil water separation, filtering through filters and activated carbon. Over a six-month time period, more than 26 million gallons of water were treated and discharged. During operation, system discharge limits were monitored continuously via field screening and collection of samples for laboratory analysis as per permit and discharge requirements. The work was conducted in close proximity or on open water.
  • Pre-demolition hazardous materials identification and abatement. A-Zone performed a pre-demolition survey of a bus maintenance facility to be razed to assess for the presence of potentially hazardous materials, asbestos and lead. The facility was comprised of several garages, administration buildings, and storage warehouses. The inspection consisted of identifying, sampling, and quantifying suspect materials requiring abatement or special handling during demolition. Once quantified, the materials requiring abatement before demolition were abated. Abated materials included lights, light ballasts, asbestos, signs, fire extinguishers, and refrigerants.
  • Building demolition. A-Zone razed several garages, administration buildings, and storage warehouses associated with a former bus maintenance complex. Several out-of-service hydraulic lifts, septic tanks, ASTs, and USTs were also cleaned and removed. Debris was sorted to maximize recycling of metal and concrete. Demolition was performed using a variety of heavy and small equipment.
  • Site Assessment. A-Zone assessed several areas of concern by advancing test borings and collecting soil, groundwater, and sediment samples for field inspection, field screening, and laboratory analysis. CPT and vibracores were also advanced from a barge to assess sediment scheduled for dredging.
  • Laboratory analysis. Soil and surface water samples were laboratory tested for metals, SVOCs, TPH-DRO and PCP
    Preparation of project work plans, reports of findings, and update reports. A-Zone prepared a variety of plans including Work Plans, Sampling and Analysis Plans, Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan, Accident Prevention Plan, Activity Hazard Analyses, and Quality Assurance Program Plan. Additionally, reports of findings and periodic update reports were prepared.


Portsmouth, VA


Prime Contractor


2015 – Current


$3.3 M

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