Former WV Ordnance Works

O&M of Groundwater Extraction & Treatment System For Operable Unit 4

A-Zone Environmental Services is currently performing on a contract through the USACE Huntington West Virginia District in support of the Defense Environmental Restoration Program for Formerly Used Defense Sites (DERP-FUDS) at the former West Virginia Ordnance Works (WVOW) located in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Groundwater impacted with nitro-aromatic compounds from the former manufacturing of TNT at the site is being remediated pursuant to CERCLA with the regulatory coordination of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and the US Environmental Protection Agency. A-Zone is responsible for the operation and maintenance of two groundwater remediation treatment plants at the site. A-Zone’s responsibilities include monitoring treatment system performance, maintaining performance objectives, and reporting performance results to meet compliance requirements. Plant performance is monitored by collecting influent samples from groundwater extraction wells, optimization samples from individual system components, effluent monitoring samples from discharge locations, and samples from over 70 site-wide groundwater monitoring wells. Specific tasks include:

  • Prepare Work Plans. Prepare and submit work plans including Accident Prevention Plan, Site-Specific Safety and Health Plan, Quality Control Plan, Sampling and Analysis Plan with Field Sampling Plan and Chemical Quality Assurance Project Plan, and Treatment Residual Disposal Plan.
  • Operate and maintain pump and treat system. Tasks include weekly site inspections, inspection and replacement of defective treatment system equipment as required, extraction well maintenance, treatment building maintenance, replacement of granular activated carbon, and updates to the Operation and Maintenance Manual as required.
    Management of treatment system residuals. A-Zone is responsible for analysis and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous treatment system residuals.
  • Sampling and analysis of extraction wells, treatment system, effluent from plant and discharge compliance locations, groundwater monitoring wells, and bioassays.
  • Preparation and submittal of reports including Weekly Operations Reports, Quarterly Discharge Monitoring Reports, Quarterly System Operations Reports, and Semi-Annual System Performance and Evaluation Reports.


Point Pleasant, WV


Prime Contractor


2014 – 2018


$2.1 M

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