Demo, Cut & Cover Underground Storage Tanks

A-Zone has been contracted to remove six 1,172,000 underground storage tanks (USTs) and several thousand feet of associated fuel delivery and firewater pipelines at Yorktown FISC, VA. The facility is an active fuel depot for the Yorktown naval Weapons Station. As the work takes place within the habitat of an endangered species of bat, special care must be taken with regards to environmental conservation to avoid disruption of the habitat. Tasks include:


  • Project planning including Work Plan, Accident Prevention Plan (including Health and Safety Plan and Activity Hazard Analysis), Tank Content and Control Plan, Sampling and Analysis Plan, Quality Control Plan, Environmental Protection Plan, Submittal Schedule, and Project Schedule. This portion of the project also includes site survey and geotechnical assessment; utility mark out, design of grading, roadway, fire water, and electrical system; and Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, as well as permitting.
  • Environmental conservation to mitigate impact of work on the habitat of endangered bats.
  • Demolition and construction. Demolition will include removal of six large capacity USTs, along with disconnection and de-energizing of electric lines, cut and cap of fuel pipelines, cut and cap of fire water lines, installation of new fire water lines, and installation of new roadway.
  • Removal of Roadway, Fuel Pipelines, Fire Water System Lines, Pump House, and Trees including exposing fuel pipelines, cleaning fuel pipelines, emptying of tanks (treat and discharge water on site), abatement of asbestos from fuel pipelines as needed, removal and disposal of fuel pipelines and fire water system lines, removal of trees, and backfill/stabilization of disturbed areas.
  • Tank demolition and removal including stripping and stockpiling topsoil and overburden on each tank, stabilizing and managing stockpiles, tank demolition and removal, metal processing, concrete processing, and backfill/stabilization of tank excavations and disturbed areas.
  • Stormwater management during tank demolition and removal. A-Zone will manage surface water runoff using erosion and sediment control and best management practices during and including pumping and treatment of water within tank excavations and sediment ponds.
  • Site Restoration including final grading and topsoil, hydro seeding, pruning of trees, watering, fertilizing, spot grading, mowing, and removal of S&E controls (sediment basins, check dams, silt fencing, etc.).


NAVY FISC Site, Yorktown, VA


Prime Contractor


2015 – 2016


$3.3 M

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