USACE – Norfolk District Office – Craney Island

Craney Island

A-ZONE was tasked by the USACE to excavate and remove more than 1,500 cubic yards of rip rap and soil comprising shoreline protections at the Craney Island facility. More than 300 cubic yards of the material was oil saturated or impacted as a result of a Navy waste oil pipeline release. Craney Island is an active dredge placement site, a portion of which, is being expanded for development into a large ship loading/unloading terminal. Of particular concern was the location of the material designated for removal, which was along the banks of the Elizabeth River. A-Zone continued work started by another consultant and was selected to perform the project based on our experience and expertise on this type work.
A-Zone successfully removed the material and adequately protected the shoreline and river during removal of the material. Impacted material was transported to a permitted treatment facility and “clean” material was stockpiled for later use as backfill and shoreline protections. Free product entering the excavation was recovered using a vacuum truck for transport to a permitted recycling center. Clean from “dirty” material was determined based on field observations and screening with field instruments. Removed rip rap was comprised of large pieces of concrete and bridge sections which required crushing to specific sizes. Crushing was accomplished using a large excavator fitted with a crusher.
Field activities included subsurface utility clearance, deployment of shoreline protections (booms), excavation and loading with a large track hoe, removal and crushing of rip rap with large excavator fitted with crusher, transportation of clean materials for stockpiling with off-road dump truck, inspection and field screening of removed materials, and collection of soil samples for field screening and laboratory analysis. Challenges working at the site included working around sensitive site features (e.g., active Navy pipelines) and working around sensitive site operations (e.g., placement and construction operations).


Craney Island, VA


Prime Contractor


2012 – 2013



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