Who We Are

Our History

In 2004, A-Zone started as an environmental drilling company to assist private environmental consulting firms with field sampling services. The idea to start A-Zone arose out of the frustration of having to work with field services companies that provided faulty equipment and poorly trained workers. In many instances, it was the unskilled worker that would jeopardize the integrity of the field sample and the investigation. After years of managing problems at the job- site, we realized that we could do better. Over the last decade, A-Zone has experienced a huge growth in business. While increasing our service offerings, customer base, and capacity to perform on larger-scale projects, A-Zone continues to expand into new geographic areas. Our growth and success are a result of our commitment to deliver high quality work, control costs and risk, and manage our customer’s expectations. Customer loyalty has resulted in repeat business and has helped to generate new business through word-of-mouth referrals.

Mission Statement

Helping our clients by improving the quality of assets they own or manage through environmental stewardship.

Vision Statement

To improve the quality of water, land, and air for people and communities.


A-Zone’s core values provide us with a moral compass, guiding us every step of the way towards making better decisions in all that we do.

Our core values include:


The quality of our services is our first priority. Environmental work is complex and often requires long-term solutions. We understand that the quality of our work can have lasting impacts. We combine the right personnel, processes, documentation, and auditing systems to ensure achievement of project goals and an enduring benefit to the environment.


The relationships we build with our co-workers, our clients, regulators, suppliers, and peers depend on truthfulness and accuracy.


We communicate openly and directly allowing us to make faster and better decisions and to create a professional environment where there is total involvement and responsibility for the success of our performance.


We conduct our operations with the highest regard for safety. Each member of our team is responsible for complying with safety rules and regulations and taking all precautions to protect our customers and colleagues. We continually look for ways to improve our safety performance.

A-Zone Environmental Services (A-Zone) delivers the highest level of service and expertise to help manage our clients’ environmental challenges.